Why Inglés para Todos?

Inglés para Todos is the first and only available television channel focused on language learning. The channel was born out of a gap in the marketplace- the lack of a low cost, effective solution to learning English directly on the television, without requiring any incremental subscriptions.

Learning English is important for many people
17.6M Latinos speak English less than well – “Pew Research Center”
87% of Latinos say they need English to succeed in the USA- “Pew Research Center”
1.5 Billion people worldwide are studying to learn English as a second language – “The Washington Post”.
English has a direct impact in the lives of Latinos in the USA:

Average of $7K more income per year when you speak English – “Sun Sentinel”

English is spoken in 101 countries in the world – “The Washington Post”.

Teaching Method

Inglés para Todos gives students the freedom to view content in their own homes at their own convenience. It offers three levels: basic, intermediate, advanced.

Inglés para Todos is English presented in an entertaining, natural way. It enables students to see and listen to English conversation, vocabulary and idioms in real life settings. This allows students easily to contextualize the target content and absorb linguistic information.

Inglés para Todos utilizes three approaches to language learning:  Traditional, Situational and Entertainment.

Inglés para Todos has a varied selection of programming to attract, engage and instruct viewers. Throughout the day, Inglés para Todos presents a mix of entertaining movies and documentaries, conversational teaching modules, and more specified linguistic lessons. In each type of programming, the language targets concentrate on communication and the natural use of language.

In addition to the movies, documentaries, and series offered by Inglés para Todos, this new channel offers short classes in which expert language instructors speak directly to the viewer. The primary instructors, Benjamin, Emma, James, and Rebecca, focus on specific situational content. Each instructor gives vocabulary and idioms in the target content area, enabling the viewer to learn interesting and relevant language.

Overall, the content of Inglés para Todos expands and enhances the opportunities of viewers to acquire English skills. Students can watch at any time of the day and experience entertaining, informative programming. While receiving comprehensible input reinforced by understandable visual context, viewers can develop confidence in their English in the low anxiety environments of their choosing. Inglés para Todos is an excellent addition to any English student’s language curriculum.

Inglés para Todos content is supported by the theses of two experts in language acquisition. Inglés para Todos presents students with real life messages which they want to hear, helping students learn quickly and effectively.

MIT linguist Noam Chomsky contends that all individuals have the innate ability to understand and use grammar. The human mind is hard programmed at birth to make sense of linguistic patterns. The mind instructively decodes language content.

Stephen Krashen of the University of Southern California, in agreement with Chomsky, proposes that language acquisition is enhanced when a student witnesses meaningful interaction in natural circumstances. Krashen states that instructive content should have concern for the message, not he grammatical form. Language instruction works best when employing “comprehensible input” in a “low anxiety” situation.


Inglés para Todos presents a mix of entertaining series and movies, conversational teaching modules and linguistic lessons, focused on the learning and improvement of English language, specifically addressing topics most important to viewers: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Leading instructional content includes “English on the Dot”, “Rumbo al Inglés 2.0,” “No Excuses” and others, offering a variety of formats, relatable instructors and real life situations, for viewers to discover the learning method that works best for them.

In the evening, Inglés para Todos offers entertainment content including engaging series such as “Crossing Lines” and “Critical Moments,” as well as top movies from the US and Latin America with subtitles to learn language while enjoying quality content with all the family.

Overall the content on Inglés para Todos expands and enhances the opportunities of viewers to acquire English language skills. While receiving comprehensible input reinforced by understandable visual content, viewers can develop confidence in their English in the low anxiety environment of their choosing- in or outside of the home.

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